Snell Hall

Western Kentucky University

Under construction

Bowling Green, KY

Currently under construction with a planned completion for Spring 2009, the new Snell Hall facility is the first building in Phase 2 of Ogden College of Science and Engineering Expansion and Renovation.  The 74,400 SF, five story building has a construction budget of $24.0 million.

Located adjacent to the Thompson Complex Central Wing, Snell Hall serves to connect the Engineering and Biological Sciences Building to the proposed new U. S. Department of Agriculture Building planned for the current North Wing site.  It is directly connected to TCCW and will integrate seamlessly with that building upon completion of that renovation in 2010.

Snell Hall will house Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science laboratories and classrooms.  It will also provide several laptop ready  lectoria and general classrooms along with a student commons/ coffee shop.  Other amenities include a covered arcade and a fourth floor balcony that can be retrofitted as a greenhouse.